It is medical device fully adjustable adapted to the researcher’s needs.

  • Power: 10W or 25W
  • Optical fibre: length of 3 to 6 metres
  • Fibre head: standard or special for fMRI
  • Spot diameter: standard (5 mm), other diameters available within the limit of the selected laser power
  • Programming: variable parameters, enter the profile type and all wanted value

Our manufacturer, , remains at your entire disposal to create tailor-made accessories or adaptations for your LSD.

LSDia (still to come)

Standarised medical device for making diagnosis by evoked potential.

  • Power: 10W
  • Optical fibre: length of 3 metres
  • Fibre head: standard
  • Spot diameter: standard 5 mm
  • Programming: Shooting parameters pre-defined for a simultaneous, delay or individual activation of C- and Aδ-fibres


Compact, design and ergonomic, the LSDia will allow simple, very accurate and risk free evoked potentials when linked to an EEG device.